Plastic Surgeons of America: A Guide for Top Plastic Surgeons

It is important to note that the majority of plastic surgery portland follow a similar educational process. They complete an Internship and Residency. In some cases they also undergo “fellowships” in order to receive more specialized education.

Top plastic surgeons who have special interests/expertise

Expert cosmetic surgeons are called masters in certain areas of their profession, including surgical procedures or conditions. Although all plastic surgeons receive training to perform a wide range of cosmetic surgeries, it is important to remember that not one surgeon has the ability or expertise in every surgical procedure and condition. Finding top surgeons based upon their expertise and/or special interest is important.

Plastic surgeons who are specialists in their field of practice regularly and masterly perform specific surgical procedures. The key to finding top plastic surgeons involves finding out which ones are most frequently referred by peers and also those that perform these surgical procedures more than 75% of time.

Every surgeon also has an area of expertise or a specific interest. Finding the top plastic surgeons is important based on special interest or areas of expertise. Typically, plastic surgery specialists are recognized as masters of certain procedures. These procedures usually fall into one of the seven categories.

Top Plastic Surgeons Award Nomination Process

To find the top cosmetic surgeons, it is important to conduct extensive research on medical doctor credentials and relevant databases. In order to locate top plastic surgeons, new methods of searching are being adopted more and more.

Step 2: The board-certified plastic surgeons only are chosen at random from a comprehensive database of doctors’ credentials.

Step 2. A proprietary system or software asks plastic surgeons “Whom would you select if a loved one needed medical treatment in your specialty?”

Step 3. In emails or faxes, doctors will find a username and password to access the database. After completing the form, doctors nominate one or more peers and then submit.

Step Four: Once the team has received the doctor’s nomination, they review the information and get ready to move on.

Step 5: Those who have been chosen by their peers multiple times will be reviewed in terms of the doctor’s nationwide licensing status, any disciplinary action, or malpractice judgements. The information is then cross-referenced through 13 database owned/leased that confirms doctors’ complete licensure and credentialing information.

Step 7:The Research Team reviews and refines a pool of nominees for plastic surgery, checks credentials and then selects the best candidates.