The Different Sizes, Shapes and Styles of Wedding Bouquets

Flowers can be used to create an uplifting mood and complement any wedding gown. If you are planning a nuptial, there is a vast array of colour combinations to choose from. You can arrange beautiful blooms in a variety of styles and sizes to create the ideal Flower Bouquets. The bouquet size can affect the overall look of the ceremony, depending on what you are wearing, how formal the wedding will be, and even the colors that you choose. Making your floral bouquet stand out and make a lasting impression on your guests is possible by being creative. Your bouquets of wedding flowers, regardless of the blossoms they contain, will add to your special day’s beauty. Find out about the various types of bouquets that you can choose from:

Hand-Tied Bouquets
These flower bouquets look like they were inspired by nature and would be perfect for summer outdoor weddings, in gardens or at the beach. These flowers blooms are usually tied with a ribbon or bow. They can fit into almost any type of wedding, no matter how formal or informal. Textured flowers, such as peonies, roses and chrysanthemums can give your bouquet an elegant touch. You can create a personalized bouquet by using meaningful objects, like your mother’s wedding dress. These bouquets look beautiful and are classical.

Cascade Bouquets
Cascade wedding arrangements are designed to resemble “a cascade” of blooms. The bouquets look beautiful but usually complement dresses and brides with taller heights. Because the bouquets are larger, you should balance your dress’ color and size proportions. These bouquets will usually be filled with calla lilies or orchids. These soft green accents will complement any bright colors that you may choose to use in your bouquet. It’s possible to make a stunning cascade bouquet on its own.

This smaller flower bouquet is popular with bridesmaids and flower girls. These tiny flowers can help you create a cute bouquet for your wedding. Spray roses, baby breath and lily of the valley are all good options. You can also use larger flowers in your posy to compliment the colors of your wedding. These flowers, arranged in a grouping can really make an impact at your ceremony. This bouquet style is great for children. It can also be paired with all types of dresses. Flowers like hydrangeas, roses in different colors and hyacinths would also work.

Over arm
A modern wedding design with a minimalistic look that is still elegant. Long-stemmed blooms such as calla lilies or roses make the most popular overarm bouquets. This is because the stems are sturdy and strong. A stylish alternative is to wrap the flowers in a ribbon. An over-arm bouquet is the perfect complement to figure-flattering dresses. It is important to remember that holding the bouquet for long periods during photographs can cause them to become heavy. Select lighter flowers when this occurs.

Flower Bouquets Round
Most often, bridal flowers are round bouquets of wedding flowers. The round bouquet is larger than the posy and contains a variety of flowers. These bouquets are best viewed in complementary or contrasting shades. A wedding round flower bouquet can fit in with any kind of event, formal or informal. You can add sweet smelling flowers like roses, lilacs and peonies to the bouquet, especially if scent is important. If you use flower size, texture and color to your advantage, then the bridal flower arrangement will stand out!