Cults – Have you been a part of just one?


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The Latin word “occultus” which literally means “that which is secreted” is what the phrase “occult”. The phrase “to plant” comes from the phrase “cult.” It is the act of coaching up or breaking down in accordance to all the approved technique. This is the point of this short article.


As I devoured every detail of religion I could find, many years ago I became involved in a group that Barbara Walters from 20/20 called the “fastest growing cult” in America. The group called themselves the Cornerstone Church of Christ and/or Boston Church of Christ. They checked with themselves because the International Church Buildings of Christ are not to be confused when using the Conventional Church of Christ. The details are quite gory, but this group was identified for its exclusive “discipleship” system, which is nothing less than blackmail, and that has resulted into several lawsuits. In reality, I was an old type of who eventually received a letter from an attorney asking them to leave.

After that, one male, who was called through the group “my disciplinler”, identified himself as my residence 1 night, trying to make sense out of my legal actions. I informed him that the man was part of a cult. This is something that cultists expect to hear, as they see it as persecution. He should leave the group immediately. As if to confirm his belief that he was the ideal person, he laughed at the absurdity of the idea. I stated, “Well I assume you are going to Heaven, huh?” He retorted, “That’s what the purpose is, Michael…amongst us isn’t going!” I was then invited to many Bible Studies. However, I found myself becoming more than minor disruptive because of the issues I was asking. These evenings didn’t produce any converts, which is not surprising.

Remember that they were honest and kind people. They were deceived. Remember, they don’t appear to have the enemy…we currently know who that might be!

Walter Martin, who was considered the best authority on cults, described a “cult” as “A group that gathers around a misinterpretation of the Bible.” Cults can be groups that claim to be in harmony and support Christianity, but detest foundational Christian doctrines like Trinity or Jesus Christ as one of a kind. The group I was part of agreed with nearly every doctrine of the Church of Christ except for James 5:16, which is too much. They had been sued for slandering and defaming character and used people’s private confessions as a tool of blackmailing. James Walker, Watchman Expositor says that one of the hallmarks of a cult would be to multiply, divide and insert new or different fundamental Christian doctrine.

Jesus warned about cults. Matthew 7:15-17 warned us to beware of fake prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are ferociouswolves. Their fruit will reveal their identity. Jesus was warning us that cultists could appear, sound, and act very much like legitimate Christians. They could be sheep-like wolves. Although you can pretend to be a genuine believer, eventually your actions, terms, beliefs, and especially your beliefs will prove false. When we are able to engage in non secular relationships with other people, romantic relationships are essential. Galatians 5 22 outlines what the fruits and evidence of the Holy Spirit are – which is the proof that God dwells within each one of us. It doesn’t mean that a person is Christian just because they call themselves Christians.

Why is the growth of the cult I was once associated with, or another cult, so rapid? You can attribute their growth to several vital components:

One) Jesus, along with the apostles, warned us that such times would occur. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24.23-26 that there would be many false prophets as He returns. It is true. It can happen. It’s something I see every day. Peter warns that false teachers will emerge from within the church in two Peter 2:1-3. It is true, indeed. Poor, unbiblical education abounds!

2) Your cults’ growth contributes to the demise of your spouse, children, and other family members, such as Christian families, common relatives of God, and all persons who consider themselves small children of God born-again. The breakdown of the household unit has led to the growth of cults, as people look for acceptance. The Church goes with the people. As the Church moves, so does the nation. Many people from poor families want to be accepted and have a loving relationship with their spouses and children. Cults can provide this atmosphere, just like city gangs. The father is usually the cult chief.