Is Ello Social Media’s Anti-Facebook?


Advertisers are the owners of your social community.

It is true that Fb and Twitter, two of the most popular social networking sites, are publicly traded businesses. However, this assertion rings true for social media professionals who have lost their knowledge and are being sold to companies by social networks. If you are looking for a technology that allows many different businesses and companies to accurately track, and maximize their Business Marketing, Asset Management, Fleet Management, People Management, Tracking, Security, and Market Research, you should know more about geofencing marketing

Ello is a social network that could help these people who have become discouraged in social media marketing. Ello, who is considered the “antiFacebook” due to its stand for privacy and opposition to promoting has received main publicity only in about every major news outlet, including the New York Times and ABC Information.

The excitement confirms a common customer problem: Facebook uses personalized information to provide specific ads.

According to the Wall Street Journal, clients might be turning away from social networking marketing due to undesirable ads and privacy concerns. Paul Budnitz, the founder of Ello believes that people will abandon Facebook because of its lack of privacy settings and the myriad advertisements it offers. He suggests that Ello users who are unhappy with Facebook’s inadequacies of privacy and excessive advertising will switch to Ello.

The new social network will generate revenue through premium solutions, and not advertising or marketing. Budnitz has inspired many users to suggest characteristics that they are willing to spend money on. Ello doesn’t promote subscribers to advertisers or data brokers.

Ello is confident that the positioning and PR plan worked well. Ello will sign up 45,000 users every hour. Technology problems have been caused by the large inflow of hackers as well as consumers. A lot of criticism has been levelled at Ello since its introduction.

Ello is still in beta. To join, you’ll need to ask for an invite. But marketers can see other profiles and get a good idea of what to expect. It is very similar to Twitter except for the limited black-and-white design (among other attributes that buyers might be prepared to pay to customise). Customers can touch upon content. However, the Ello workforce suggests that they are focusing on ways for customers to “Love”, posts. Customers can filter posts and activities into two buckets, “Friends” or “Noise.”

Even though manufacturers are unable to advertise on Ello it doesn’t mean that they won’t have a vibrant presence. Engagement on Ello will depend less on discounts or promotions and more on making connections, Elizabeth Minton describes in part of the Brand’s guide to Ello. Remember that Ello users joined the network in order to avoid the commercialism of others. You should not post content that isn’t social, entertaining, or educational.

Ello can be used by manufacturers to establish themselves as trustworthy and relevant towards the antiFacebook/anti-social community group. Marketers might request an invitation to begin building relationships with this demographic, which social networking community giants have made impossible.